Talents Recruitment

Chairman's Assistant / General Manager's Assistant (Business-oriented)
Position Description
1. Assist the Chairman/General Manager in formulating, implementing, and executing various business development strategies and plans, achieving corporate management goals, and breaking down and supervising thetargets of each stage.
2. Assist the Chairman/General Manager in expanding various international projects planned by the company (business operations and planning).
3. Assist the Chairman/General Manager in improving efficient organizational structures and management systems, logistics support, and corporate security measures.
4. Assist in drafting summaries of company work at various stages and other official documents.
5. Manage related business or administrative logistics operations.
Position Requirements
1. Bachelor's degree or above in Business Administration, International Trade, Business Management, English or related majors, aged 25-50.
2. Over 2 years of experience as an assistant to the general manager or secretary to the chairman; experience in a group company is preferred.
3. Familiar with corporate management systems and institutional construction, with rich practical experience in administrative management.
4. Strong verbal and written communication skills, with a solid writing foundation.
5. Good appearance and demeanor, knowledgeable in business etiquette, proactive personality, keen insight, strong adaptability, communication, coordination, and negotiation skills.
6. High degree of professionalism and team spirit, able to handle overtime and travel.
7. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; CET-6 or above, or fluent English proficiency for global talents.
8. Suitable for excellent management talents in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and globally.


Deputy General Manager / Foreign Trade Operation Director / Sales Director
Position Description
1.Assist in formulating and implementing the company's overall strategy, achieving the annual sales targets set by the General Manager;
2. Responsible for supply chain management, raw material procurement, finished products development, business coordination, customer channels and resource planning, team planning, optimization and improvement ofthe operation management model;
3. Responsible for motivating and assessing the performance of foreign trade business managers.
Position Requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with more than 5 years of work experience in related positions in garment foreign trade enterprises;
2. Familiar with foreign trade market expansion and operation management, possessing experience and ability to comprehensively manage a foreign trade team;
3. Skilled in business negotiation, strong communication skills, and proficient in English.


Foreign Trade Business Manager / Business Manager
Position Description:
1. Proficient in English for oral communication and capable of writing English emails to communicate with clients;
2. Able to independently develop new clients in the European and American markets, with opportunities to travel abroad for exchanges and attend exhibitions each year.
Position Requirements
1. Extensive experience in foreign trade business;
2. Major in International Trade or English, CET-6 or above, with good oral, reading, and writing skills in English;
3. More than 4 years of experience in foreign trade, preferably in the textile and fabric apparel industry;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills, with the ability to independently handle foreign clients;
5. Good professionalism and team spirit, proficient in using computer office software.

Executive General Manager / Executive General Manager’s Assistant (Subsidiary)
Executive General Manager
Position Description
1. Fully responsible for the subsidiary's operational management (business, production, finance, HR & administration, design and development), achieving the annual operational targets set by the board of directors,assisting the chairman in drafting the company's medium and long-term development plans, proposing monthly/quarterly/annual work objectives and major measures for the subsidiary, and being accountable to the chairman;
2. Establish and improve various management systems and workflows for the subsidiary to ensure that all work is well-documented and based on evidence;
3. Responsible for the subsidiary's daily production management and quality control, approving production processes, optimizing quality management, and continuously enhancing product competitiveness;
4. Continuously monitor and inspect the coordination between the business and production departments to ensure quality and timely delivery according to contracts;
5. Conduct monthly statistical analysis of production efficiency and material inventory, review related reports to ensure standardized statistical accounting and accuracy of statistical data;
6. Responsible for performance appraisal and team building of each department, guiding, training, and evaluating subordinate employees;
7. Develop training plans to improve the production knowledge and management level of frontline managers;
8. Implement 6S management and production safety education to prevent fire hazards, equipment failures, or personal injuries;
9. Responsible for conducting relevant management meetings and special tasks of the subsidiary effectively, and promptly completing other tasks assigned by superiors.
Position Requirements
1. Associate degree or above; employed under a cooperative partnership system with no more than 30% equity investment or deposit plus no more than 20% management equity distribution reward;
2. More than 8 years of production management experience, including over 5 years in the apparel or gloves industry;
3. Familiar with the production operations and management of subsidiary, with extensive experience in production management, cost control, quality management, and logistics management;
4. Comprehensive 6S management concepts and rich experience in lean production practices;
5. Strong planning, guidance, decision-making, comprehensive coordination, and organizational management abilities;
6. Preferably residing in Jiaxing, under 45 years old. Exceptionally qualified candidates may have some conditions relaxed.

Executive General Manager's Assistant
Position Description
1. Assist in handling the Executive General Manager's daily affairs and various itinerary plans, helping the Executive General Manager manage all aspects of business services and checking the implementation of policies;
2. Assist the
Executive General Manager in following up on company business line matters, improving various business direction regulations, promoting process management of all business operations, and supervising their implementation;
3. Possess a certain level of business basis and business communication and coordination skills;
4. Familiarity with the apparel industry is preferred.
Position Requirements
1. Possess excellent communication and expression skills, with a strong sense of responsibility;
2. Consistent in words and actions, leading by example, with integrity, and capable of taking on the role of a political commissar with responsibility and broad-mindedness;
3. More than 5 years of experience in related positions, with preference given to those in similar positions in apparel companies.


Chief Designer
Position Description
1. Able to manage the design and development department, develop and design the company's outdoor sports products based on market orientation, or assist foreign clients with professional project design and development, while cooperating with the apparel team to complete development and client maintenance;
2. Understand cost control and pricing systems, participate in marketing planning and product promotion;
3. Possess strong communication and coordination skills, and understand supply chain management;
4. Directly interface with clients to accept orders, acting as a design and business professional combining sales with design and development;
5. Value results-oriented, with a reward mechanism combining design and development commissions and marketing commissions, maximizing the value of designers.
Position Requirements
1. Many years of experience in apparel design, with a preference for those with experience in glove design and development or sportswear design and development;
2. Possess client resources and supplier resources;
3. Preference for candidates with glove design and development experience;
4. Experience in designing and developing outdoor and indoor sports apparel, accessories, and equipment;
5. Have a mindset and concept for global operations, including ODM design promotion and OEM follow-up for private brands;
6. Preference for candidates proficient in 3D modeling and rendering.


Reserve Cadres (HR & Administration / Financial Management / Business Operation Management)
Position Requirements
1. Bachelor's degree or above in related majors, with a preference from a 985 or 211 university;
2. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, CET-6 or above, or fluent English proficiency for global talents;
3. Passionate about the apparel, accessories and glove industry, with strong team collaboration skills, able to take initiative in work. Diligent, with a strong sense of responsibility and ambition, able to actively cooperate with adjustments and implementation of strategic planning for department and company.


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