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Winter capital, touch family usher in a new gold rush

While it is still summer, but for many entrepreneurs, they have felt the chill this winter. In the winter after the end of the El Nino phenomenon, it will likely bring huge cooling. Entrepreneurs, whether you have to do, "winter" in preparation of what?
Winter is around the corner? Entrepreneurship took money did not seem so good.
Beginning of autumn has passed, summer to early coolness now.
Ancient wisdom, invented this stuff for twenty-four solar terms, people can follow and dance, the changes in clothes, food Tuen positions, rainy day. However, capital market climate trend so far have not tracked, yet to be "people business" heatwave beat people playing at a loss, the "capital" of temperature sensing inevitable lag.
Perhaps you may have noticed:
Last year, fired a hot ride industry has been in close succession this year, two - Friends of the car, love to fight, but this is just the beginning. Similarly, the refusal home network, looking for fun, dog walking tours, sightseeing and other Internet + Travel jelly get together death, patronage networks, 36 classrooms, help test to help other Internet + education has fallen, housing net, Cheng transit network, billion-word Hall and other Internet + Property lonely away ......
In this regard, some investors bluntly: "The whole market is worse."
Where is spring? Touch gloves usher in a new gold rush.
When a picture of death list Internet business in the public eye, or when they are happy or regret, but also has new opportunities in this upcoming winter germination of hope. With smart phones, social media development, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people's lives. In this upcoming winter, touch gloves has become a necessity for people to go out. As the first brand touchscreen gloves - Touch family - using the most advanced international "Thunderon conductive yarn" technology. Family touchscreen gloves in touch to ensure the realization of the touch, warm, protect your phone screen and other functions, and its stylish design, by the young owners, white-collar family, even business people are welcome and favor. In 2012 the family launched touch "contact to join family success in life," the wealth sharing plan, in order to allow more people with lofty ideals involved, contact the family a "low threshold, the entire guide, full protection" to join strategy. As of the summer of 2015, a touch-family franchisee has exceeded 500, of which 80% of franchisees million yuan in net profit.
This winter, adding a touch family, successful entrepreneurs, achieve wealth and create a better future!