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Touchscreen Gloves - touch family times comply with industry changing environment under

A cousin and childhood under chess, and sometimes he would say, I'll let you two soldiers, I also secretly proud, with predictable results, no card position soldiers, the military can drive straight, eat army kill horses, such as the unhindered. In fact, this game, the two sides have a different play. The most threatening competition, not a gun for gun, gun for gun, but you play with one, while the other side is another play. Small board games, large armies confront each other, has been true. Today's mobile phone industry, is experiencing the same "play" of the change.
    Internet and cell phone
    Smart phones can not be called a mobile phone, but should be called the Pocket PC, as distinct from the early years of feature phones. Because the computer all the features of smart phones all have. Computer led the development of the Internet, and smart phones are driving the development of mobile Internet. Put aside smartphones and mobile Internet, among the Internet, what the most profitable Internet products? Google, Baidu, QQ, electricity providers. These are all, without exception entry. If your smartphone corresponding computers, mobile Internet is the Internet correspondence, then seize the mobile Internet portal, is bound to be a fierce war. In this war, various manufacturers frequently use the big move. Originally Internet companies and hardware manufacturers to launch Internet phone. 360 special for the machine, for example, Ali cloud mobile phone, etc., and its purpose is to seize all of the Internet portal. These phones built a variety of Internet business applications such as Ali cloud phone's built Taobao, Alipay and other applications. After the entrance in the Internet phone to seize the poor to cheap mobile phones as bait to seize the mobile Internet portal new wave of offensive started. Millet company has recently launched a low-cost 799 yuan only Redmi, among the 560 yuan to 799 yuan cost, the rest of the more than 200 yuan but also inclusive cost of marketing, promotion, channels, Redmi almost unprofitable, even at a loss, but Redmi built meters chat application millet millet communities to low-cost or even at a loss strategies attempt to seize the entrance without saying. "The current value of the entrance are further highlights, 91 wireless can asking $ 1.9 billion, it is because he is an application distribution platform, the valuation of the micro-channel has been repeatedly overestimated, as it has become one of the entrances," Shanghai contact family Trade Co., Ltd. One market strategist commented. Shanghai Touch family Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-tech smart phone peripheral products company, is also an Internet business guide enterprises.
    American TV and phone
    American TV can broadcast a continuous ten years, every week from uninterrupted and sustained hit, such as "Friends." A US drama can relate to the forefront of a dozen disciplines, and let a lot of people began to re interested in natural sciences, such as "Big Bang." A US drama can be made from a video site, such as the recent "house of cards." US drama followed in the end what kind of games are played? First American TV is content-centric expand production. This is reflected in the status of writers in the United States troupe team is extremely important. One writer has a good script, then he can find a producer, photography, director, in the production process, the director can be replaced, the producer might quit, but the writers will always be the center and the core team. Secondly, the US drama production formed a complete industrial chain: shooting team, television star, director team. These elements can be in a week or even a month, to find a large number, and then for people to choose from. We may wish to drama and Chinese mobile phone industry today to make a comparison. Mobile content has become the core of the production. Content is the system of smart phones. Lei Jun do mobile phones, the first did not do hardware, because hardware, Shenzhen cottage manufacturers can do ten times better than him. He first made the millet system. Jobs also true. As long as a good system, it was early adopters and are willing to pay. Now, some people are looking forward to "hammer mobile phone", it is because we expect the hammer mobile phone applications. Again, today's smart phone industry chain has been very sound, with a good system, you can manufacture to Foxconn, Samsung will provide mobile phone screen, and even marketing can be outsourced. Nevertheless, some small quantities of smart phones, is still difficult to integrate into the industry chain. Lenovo Samsung had reportedly requested to provide a mobile phone screen, but Samsung phone question of yield, rejected the request. Because production is not enough, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers is difficult to enter the smart phone production chain, forced restructuring. Shanghai Touch Trade Limited's family three suppliers, there are two suppliers used to be a mobile phone, but under pressure, began to transition to touch gloves conductive yarn, it became the fourth generation Thunderon conductive yarn production leader in productivity and quality in a leading position, touch the family for Shanghai to become the first brand touchscreen gloves, contributed. I want to say is key in the smart phone era, the production capacity of mobile phone hardware is not the product of success, the key is to have its own independent system or into the smart phone industry chain among the two will be one. Then back to the United States play it, and why it is difficult to produce a domestic drama? Because if someone has a good script, and Hunan Satellite TV or Huayi Brothers will find scriptwriter, the script buy it, and then find a director, selected from several of its star as an actor, he took on a few episodes. Sohu video feel good, then buy the network broadcasting rights. After a few weeks, everything was quiet, we like nothing had happened. The mobile phone industry to avoid a similar scene appears.
    Keep up with the others play, rather than play their own, so that the game can be carried down, and constantly exciting. Especially when it was still a follower when the greater need is so.
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