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CIOSH Following | Second China gloves industry summit held in Chengdu

October 12, on the downstream industry pioneer country of Qiju Cheng gloves are to participate in 2015 (second session) China Industry Summit gloves. The summit is organized by China Textile Commerce Association and Shanghai CBI company, Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. Shandong million Fig support.

Following the first session of the labor insurance industry summit, the summit at the 91st session of the China Select PPE Fair was held on the eve of the forthcoming, it is China's textile business associations to create functional services for the members to actively explore further blessing labor supplies the whole industry chain strategic layout, help enterprises pulse industry, "Autumn."
The one-day summit, China Textile Commerce Association vice president and secretary general, president of safety and health protection products Committee Lei Limin attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. Lei president said in his speech, the summit focused on discussing environmental pressure China gloves companies currently face, narrowing profit margins, rising labor costs, a series of urgent need to solve the problem of lack of technological innovation, conversion and other domestic and foreign markets hope that through frank exchanges and discussions, so that protective gloves enterprises in the "new normal" of the environment, focusing on the layout of the downstream industry chain between the breakthrough for the industry, identify the direction of the healthy development of the harvest "Autumn."

Secretary-General of China Textile Commerce Association Committee of safety and health protection products Haida Chen, entitled "China's market trends gloves industry investigation" speech, speech, the Secretary-General Chen disclosed in the textile association committee for safety and health protection protective gloves industry to do the survey data . Comprehensive data analysis, with the Chinese economy and the sustainable development of enterprises to pay attention to production safety, our gloves will show a steady increase in sales and marketing trends, annual sales growth of around 15% to 20%, while having a special protective properties of protective gloves growth will be higher than the general protective gloves.

Meeting, deputy general manager of CCB commodity futures Zhu Mingyuan Ministry issued a "macroeconomic trend analysis and export to Europe and America in the form of" speech entitled. Premier Zhu comprehensive analysis of China's current economic situation - overcapacity, manufacturing collective into the "dormant" period, and protective gloves industry as a manufacturing one inevitably be affected them. Premier Zhu believes manufacturing winter has arrived, but far from the coldest time, the financial sector from the point of view of protective gloves industry, especially the main foreign trade enterprises should pay special attention to avoid exchange rate risk, otherwise, the meager profits may exchange rate fluctuations engulfed.

In addition, Professor Wu Mingsheng Qingdao University of Science and Technology, who 士孟森 related industries, Zhou Changlin, Han Yun month were also delivered a speech.