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PPE can not "take instead of"

Not long ago, I accompanied a trade union, safety supervision, labor and personnel departments of the use of PPE to wear special inspection teams to check the production line workers wear PPE circumstances to find that due to the mandatory requirements of enterprises, employees basically work put on overalls, masks, goggles, gloves, boots, towels and other protective clothing, but the presence of labor supplies brought to the scene after the use of non-standard or even "with and without" phenomenon, the situation is worrying.
For example, some workers at work to put on this mask that hung on the chest or ear, wear a mask because too hot or uncomfortable breathing; some workers carrying out welding, do not wear goggles when cutting jobs, and He is sideways lost his eyes, not only a security risk, but also cause eye irritation redness; some workers not wearing gloves when homework because too cumbersome gloves, not flexible work; there's workers are not required in the neck Ministry Wai towel, the towel aside; some workers to receive PPE shelved, do not, but in the face of checking to cope with what; even individual workers should get the basic units of the labor supplies discount a cash payment, and took the opportunity to raise the standard, multi-fold multiple, despite cater to some people's psychology, but after workers did not receive cash for the purchase of real labor supplies.
For the above, recently, I also the enterprise eight production units grassroots workers wearing PPE usage conducted a special investigation, I found that these phenomena in the production line is also quite common, many managers and workers to This shell-shocked, everyone became habitual violations. At the same time, there are workers reflect some individual workers labor supplies are diverted for other purposes, the use of a worryingly low, work because they can not wear PPE or accidents resulting from improper use of size have occurred, particularly serious It is suffering from long-term exposure to dust pneumoconiosis increased year by year. However, these risks and did not cause the attention of businesses and workers, it is also a security check in the blank area.
There is, some companies due to the procurement, storage and transportation links, the issuance of poor quality PPE, workers do not want to use. I survey found that companies responsible for procurement personnel or labor supplies is not strong sense of responsibility, or labor goods expertise is not high, resulting in poor quality of its purchase of PPE, workers can not get back, not easy to use. Mining and construction companies such as Wells laborers often work out of a hat, hitting his head, may be poor quality helmets, one wearing on the break; clothes to wear on the open line, off button; the glove is worn on a break, rubber boots is a wear on the break, leading to workers' Xieer broken, broken hat children, the body overalls broken. " Long past, and this is another reason why the workers do not want to wear and use of PPE.
At present, as China's increasing levels of occupational health, occupational health protection systems are maturing, businesses attach great importance to occupational health protection. In order to ensure the safety of workers, many employers will be based on different types of labor protection products issued many rules regarded Wear labor protection supplies included, as a necessary measure to protect the safety of workers, these measures for the protection of health workers Health played a great role. In this regard, I believe, I do not use or incorrect use of PPE to site safety not only brings risks, but also great harm to the health of workers, which should attract all levels of management and workers are highly valued.
First, to strengthen the occupational health protection awareness education. Labor and social security, occupational health departments and business organizations at all levels to carry out regular occupational health knowledge training, taking full advantage of the news media, posters, warning signs and other media to educate and guide workers scientific, rational and correctly wear and use labor supplies, vigorously promote the incorrect use or not to use PPE harm, so workers from the ideological, to "want me to use" to "I want to use" change action.
Second, the employer can not put it off out of PPE. PPE should be included in the daily business of safety inspections of enterprises to go, when checking the work of production safety, we must also check whether the provisions of PPE to wear and use. Errant wearing, workers using PPE ideological education, behavior guidance, for incorrigible rigid management system can be used, the lockout lockout learning to learn, the punishment should be punished, especially on-site manager can not shell-shocked, acquiescence or connivance of the workers are not required to wear use, according to a timely reminder and warning.
Again, occupational health workers to improve self-protection awareness. Nowadays, with the advances in industrial technology, all kinds of facilities and equipment increased, field operations people, conditions are very complex, a lot of unexpected things can happen at any time, there is a lot of product in the manufacturing process releases toxic and harmful to the human body gas or other chemicals, which requires the employee to make full mental preparation, according to the provisions and use of PPE worn to prevent personal injury may occur. Meanwhile, according to the provisions of PPE worn, also responsible for the safety of their own specific performance, only workers comply with the safety rules and regulations, restrain their job in safe production behavior, wear good labor protection products, in order to prevent accidental injury, or to ensure its own workers personal safety.
PPE is the enterprise in accordance with national security laws and regulations issued to workers protective equipment, which fully reflects the party and the state, business concern and care for workers. Therefore, to solve individual workers labor supplies "with and without" phenomenon, requires departments at all levels and enterprises to work together, especially occupational health workers to improve self-protection awareness, according to the provisions correct, reasonable wear and use PPE effective protection of their health, maintain their health benefits, reduce the incidence of all types of injuries, and promote long-term stability of enterprises. (Global Labor Network)