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Future labor protection products industry go?

A reference to vulnerable industries, I believe many people will labor well done, our annual contribution to GDP is not low, how vulnerable industries have been unable to escape the hat. Behind those standards, product varieties are gaps in scientific and technological content is not high shortcomings in the end when they could completely lose? However, easier said than done!
Mention sunrise industry, labor people still think we deserve this title, which is needless to say over. However, the development is slow, outdated technology, development of operating behind the times still abound. Only electricity supplier in full swing era labor insurance business continued to wait many, has been reluctant to get involved in this, this sunrise industry, I am afraid that rise up remains to be seen.
To better development, we must first understand our present stage of development of the route go ahead, then, and now labor protection products industry, what exactly is the position, and how the status quo? We began to speak from some small details.
First, the industrial scale, the Group is a long-term proposition
Most labor protection products business remains in dispersed on individual, hand-workshop-style production methods obsolete, some companies have introduced advanced equipment, but because of technical workers and the overall quality is no upside, which led to the development of enterprises look like fire, and in fact it may not be scrutiny after. Once young enterprises have the same conditions, it will soon surpass even slightly modified alternative is also unknown.
Many companies are still OEM OEM products are still in the stage, but also to earn hard cash each year, but its brand value to 0! Holds many lessons still no one is willing to standing height sighted, also we need to have the courage of leaders will disperse financial, material and other resources to restructure, at industrial scale, the Group of up and down hard, doing the article!
Second, and constantly improve the standards, the promotion of industry self-regulation in line with international standards
State Administration of Work Safety issued Decree 80 of repealing the use of 10 years of "LA" certification, the news came out, labor people mixed feelings, joy is the current standard can not adapt to the new era gradually being canceled, the worry is It is perhaps a sign of a new round of industry reshuffle.
Product standards to be more rigorous and scientific, so as to produce high-quality labor protection products. Although China has adopted international standards, but some products are still not yet designated national standards, some standard technical indicators still relatively low, some product testing method is still relatively backward. With the development of global economic integration, more and more attention of domestic enterprises to open up the global market, just Shanghai Labor Protection Products Industry Association member companies each year went to Germany and the United States exhibition to visit, learn foreign advanced technology and experience. This standard requires that we must move closer to the international advanced standards with international standards, so that products meet the standard itself has become a "brand"!
Third, labor protection products, the company must first learn how to protect their own workers
With business understanding, we found that in the production process, labor protection products industry, there are many companies ignore the safety of their workers, this situation even more than one. We are improving product technology, in preaching PPE to protect worker safety at the same time, must not ignore the protection of their business workers. Moreover, with the new generation of industrial army into the job, they are business requirements, but also will directly affect the development of enterprises. Clean factory, complete protection, comfortable environment, the treatment is no longer the most reluctant to let them something, on the contrary, the added value of the corporate culture and business management at the more sophisticated end to attract talent White. With mechanization, intelligent era, the competitiveness of enterprises and personnel have been inseparable, have talent who will occupy the higher ground, which is not an alarmist!
Four, is well-known national brand is too weak or too strong brand that is a false proposition
We have technology to technology, there is talent to talent, how can you not have a national brand to compete with global brands? 1. Keywords: all series. Looking at the current market, those who monopolize the market for big brands are all series, is the same kind of melatonin advertising overwhelming, Nana is other people's products, you are not satisfied with the line; 2, Keyword: advanced concepts. Sales are running out of some domestic enterprises, foreign brands but what say? Talk about training, about propaganda. Delta and regional managers last chat discovery, people have expanded from mere sales to training, training Why is it important? Workers do not know why wearing a helmet, gloves an important role in what, what business would suit labor supplies important? No user, your product sell to it? Ma always said so well, in order to promote your business, you have to promote your business!
Why large foreign companies have set up factories to China, we occupy a unique advantage turned a deaf ear. We have a price advantage, but also has geographical advantages, but also personnel, so the national brand seminal why the delay? I'm afraid, we all know has an account, do not want, can not, dare not? !
Day is not high, in fact, the sea is also not far
Intelligent in American movies are playing in rotten, but the market is just beginning to see the shadow of the robot, labor protection products industry is only recently heard an intelligent word. California developed a new generation of fire service, continuous monitoring of the health of the wearer, the tests include blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate and other body functions 35, and if this type of protective clothing can also design and promotion for the athletes, perhaps, Chinese Football League team Qingdao Yellow Sea cow Glenn Geji Qi foreign aid after the end of the 3rd training sudden shock, the hospital died of news might be avoided.
Environmental protection is an eternal theme. Labor protection products industry in the production process, will inevitably produce a lot of pollution, some fuel and special finishing agent without appropriate treatment, it will cause irreversible environmental damage. Now in the labor sector, there are some companies increasingly aware of these issues, the United States Shoe Co., Ltd. Heiner production base in Jiangxi Jinggangshan has been in environmental protection, a lot of attempts.
    Labor people are social beings first, first to shoulder social responsibility, our industry and enterprises in order to have a better and greater development. (China Labor Network)