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Touchscreen gloves - Touch family gift market Five Trends Survey

It is a scale of one trillion yuan in the market, over the past five years, the market maintained a 20% growth rate. Over the past decade, the development of the market, known as the golden years.
    This is a number of firms have 200,000 sectors, where the core business gifts supplier 3000, 30,000 enterprises above designated size gift, there are 10 million small gift company.
    But is such a rising market, a thriving industry in 2013 suffered a tragic fall cliff-style. According to market research data contact family Trade Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, gift core suppliers and production scale enterprises in 2013 sales fell by 50%, SME sales dropped more than 50 percent, as of early December 2013, has more than 30,000 small gifts on the verge of closing the edge of collapse. Everything originated in the central "eight provisions" and "six ban" the introduction and implementation. However, this is only the gift industry in the past year, the instant collapse of fuse, but not the underlying cause. In the eyes of the Shanghai Trade Co., Ltd., general manager of the Touch family, the gift industry experience Why cliff, but also from their own to find the reason. Shanghai Touch family Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electronic gifts in the gift industry downturn of 2013, the company's touchscreen gloves - Touch family, but highly favorable for consumers, as if winter bloom, proudly standing.
    Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. Touch family that, although the gift industry has experienced over the past decade golden period, but Huangjin Yao now, there are still sectors mildew and rust.
    Excessive dependence on a single group: before 2011, is not so much growth in the gift industry, as it is the growth of the Big Three, China, Maotai and melatonin almost become synonymous with gifts, Chinese Maotai as a gift, points to the public and business community , almost detached and ordinary consumers. The melatonin is directed primarily at the elderly population, the elderly population is a no purchasing power of population, health care if you can not see the effect of a certain period, will inevitably suffer low growth. So, this gift will be able to explain the reasons cliff face: public consumption has been restrained, frugal idea to get publicity. Big Three rely on the development of the gift industry is naturally a blow.
    No influential brands: Maotai and the Chinese do not belong strictly gift, if you say that over the past decade Brand gifts, there is only one, that is Melatonin, not only because of the gifts have been hit the slogan, and it establishes its own brand, from big cities to remote rural streets, well known. In addition, we can not think of another gift brand again.
Out of Gifts connotation: gift, it is emotion. Including family, friendship and love. In other words, it is the warmth. But our gift market, with little gifts emphasize this point. Melatonin has been successful, only to seize the filial affection successful nature of this gift. The current market more extravagant gifts for vanity, for high interest, and not for the ordinary people of warmth.
    So, in Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. contact family view, cliff gift industry, is not necessarily a bad thing, you can make gift companies to rethink the future direction and trend, return to nature gifts. Family Trade Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Touch opinion, future trends and gift industry official revealed, to sum up, mainly in the following five trends:
    Trend: personal gifts has risen, the proportion of corporate gifts fall. In 2011, personal gifts gift market accounted for 40 percent of consumption, businesses accounted for 60 percent customized gifts, but facing public consumption is suppressed, the state-owned enterprises, government institutions as well as custom gift ratio will decline. According to estimates Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. Touch family, in 2013, the proportion of personal gifts consumption has risen to about 70%.
    Trends: individual consumption-led gifts customized gifts. For a long time, businesses, governments and institutions is the main consumer of customized gifts, custom gifts mostly as employee benefits, giving customers other reasons released. But the gift customization rarely applied to personal consumption, because of the limited number of individuals. But one thing is undeniable: personal custom gift is a strong demand. Some companies try to personal customization, also achieved good results. Shanghai Touch race to market by dozens of different series, hundreds of different styles of touch gloves family, personalized gifts to meet the basic needs, subject to a number of consumer blitz.
    Trend three: Gifts purchased from centralized to decentralized. Our gift consumption is mainly concentrated in the festival. During these festivals, gift sales tend to be several times as much as usual. But as people change the concept of gifts, and a variety of festivals, more and more gifts are from centralized to decentralized consumption.
    Trend four: Composite gift sales channel is emerging. Early gift business for the channel is no ability to control, mainly responsible for the production, and then, or wholesale or seek agents. Such a pattern is difficult to establish brand gifts. With the rise of electricity providers and social marketing, gift enterprises begin to build a complex marketing channels. Family gloves to touch marketing system, consumers can either buy products through the mall, but also through offline channels to purchase products such as physical stores. Currently, the contact family already has hundreds of partners.
    Trend five: Reinventing gifts warmth kernel. In an era of material scarcity, consumers emphasized the usefulness of the gift, daily necessities resistance is not durable, food really tasty. But in the era of a substance extremely rich, in addition to practicality, but also hope to convey through the gift of warmth, practicality and warmth so mind can be said to be essential gifts. Touch touchscreen gloves is a family full of warmth and practical gift, both to protect each other's hands, but also to express care, meaning care.