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Touch touchscreen gloves rose family gift market star

Chinese people exchange gifts and foreign people exchange gifts essentially different. That is the gift of people are implicit exchange interests and requests. Foreign luxury goods will be presented, but mostly out of deep friendship. Use psychological benefits exchange, many luxury goods popular in the gift market, a number of gift manufacturers have achieved great success. For example, once the high-grade tobacco, once the wonder of health care products. But a review of the gift market in the past 10 years, we will find that many have hot moment of high-end gifts are slowly fall.
    High-grade tobacco and alcohol
    Over the past decade, along with the continuous growth of China's macroeconomic indicators, the tobacco industry staged a lot of "triumph", especially wine industry, it is doubling every three years. High-end liquor prices soaring, many of the first-line liquor brands such as Maotai, Fen, Yang Daqu etc. Every section will rise, resulting in many consumers blame. 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission in order to suppress liquor prices rising too fast, and even department interviewed over wine prices, but it seems to liquor prices is powerless. For example, flying 53 degrees Maotai prices due to the excessive, not only as a consumer product, but also collectibles, many investors started hoarding liquor, waiting for prices to sell. The relationship between supply and demand is the basic commodity price movements. Due to geographical restrictions on the production of high-end liquor and process, the size of the supply is limited, but demand for gifts, but extremely strong, while demand among the gifts, most of the final product flows to the official gifts. Excellencies consumption is the main consumer of liquor, wine is the driving force behind higher prices. Earlier this year the national "eight regulations" promulgated, like the fiery liquor poured cold water on market momentum. According to Chinese Wine Association, the wine industry in the first half of this year net profit of only 2.2%. Reporters on Christmas Eve, visited some of the local liquor market, Maotai, Wuliangye, 20 young Hwarang other first-tier wines prices gradually stabilized, although already close to the end of the year is the peak season for liquor sales, but a number of the owner, said this year business is not in previous years, is mainly a sharp reduction in demand for gifts, especially the market for high-end liquor is no longer warm. With public consumption is constrained, the concept of frugal consumer catching gifts will send tobacco psychological will gradually retreat.
    Healthy food
    "This year the feast will not gifts, gifts would send melatonin" advertisement, it can be said to create a health gifts precedent. Subsequently, all kinds of food to health care as a gimmick has begun to enter the gift market. These include ginseng, bird's nest and so on, these health gifts, although expensive, but quickly meet the needs of the people gifts. But in recent years, food safety incidents continue to occur, but also allow people to health gifts produced a glimmer of concern, especially in 2011 burst blood Yan nitrite exceeded, leading to the bird's nest gift market jittery, Southeast Asia produced many nests gift unmarketable. With the recent popularity of food people consume knowledge, consumers are beginning to realize the effectiveness of health gifts is actually very limited, health gifts of the stock market will dull down.
    Watches names package
    Once upon a time a luxury holiday gifts reference into the directory, including the brand-name watches and designer bags. All of a sudden, it seems like gifts between male and female friends, and that is the preferred luxury brands. Many luxury brands in China have taken advantage of a lot of market expansion, earn pours. But this gift of trend did not last long. With China's economic growth slowdown and weak personal income growth, watches names package high prices after all it is difficult for ordinary people to accept, and therefore it can not be long-term in vogue in the gift market.
    Above categories have a very popular gift has begun to decline, or market demand weakened, or the market share shrinking gradually being recognized or gift buyers. However, in the fall, when part of the gift, the gift market is the emergence of new products and new favorite, electronic gift is one of them.
    The development of electronic gift industry is a growing number of personal consumer electronics driven up. Electronic gifts first originated in Japan, the Japanese electronics gifts are mostly not the mainstream of electronic products, but some peripheral electronic products, such as power, creative electronic clock and so on. In 2012, a way to touch gloves became popular Japanese electronics gift market, especially in the winter of 2012, the market appeared a touch gloves stock phenomenon. In the same year, Shanghai touch family Trade Co., Ltd. China introduced the kinds of gloves, and quickly realized the localization of technology and local production, the company also re-recruited global design team, to enrich the family touch gloves touch product categories, making it suitable for different consumer groups. Currently, the company's family of touch gloves touch has become China selling electronic gift products. According to the reporter from the Shanghai contact the family to understand the situation, the latest daily sales touch hundreds of thousands of families in pairs.
    In order to ensure this winter, the country's consumers are able to buy contact the nearest Family gloves, Shanghai touch family Trade Co., Ltd. is the national promotion program, over 2,000 yuan purchase amount to qualify touch family owned distributor gloves, obtain product supply , free publicity, and after-sales service. At present, to join the program partners have more than hundred.
    Holiday gifts, perhaps we should change the idea of a change.