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Advantage or disadvantage? Touch touchscreen gloves for your family custom gift checks

If you are a workplace, then for customized gifts should not be unfamiliar. If you are an office worker, every year the company issued dumplings Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake issued or issued New Year Spring Festival gifts, most are customizable. If you're a salesperson, may ask the customer or dealer Get some souvenirs at some point, are mostly customized gifts. If you are a manager, when the company needs to hold Dealers Conference, Anniversary or product launches, will be presented to the guests of some small gifts to commemorate basically they are also customizable. Some pay attention to the corporate culture of the company, will be on customized gift printed on company LOGO, help expand the company's visibility and influence. In fact, in the gift industry, customized gifts accounted for about 70 percent of the overall size of the gift. Therefore, for any company gift industry, the outlook is custom gift market is very impressive.
    Market Advantage
    According to statistics from China Gift Industry Association in 2006, the year of the gift market grew by more than 20%, when the market size of the gift industry was 600 billion yuan. And six years later, today, the market size of the gift had already crossed the one trillion yuan mark. Among the trillion market, customized gifts accounted for 7 percent of the market, and personal gifts accounted for 3 percent, although this year the central "eight provisions," the introduction, to some extent undermined the market share customized gifts, but Shanghai touch family A marketing manager Trading Co. expects custom gifts still occupy the whole industry more than 6 percent of GDP. Shanghai Touch Family Co., Ltd. is the past two years the rise of new electronic gifts business, its family of touch screen touch gloves gift, in 2011 and 2012 for two consecutive years achieved great market success.
    Profit advantage
    Customized gifts have been able to continue to extend in the gift industry, and then to occupy 7 percent of the size of the market, is a manufacturer of custom gifts because higher profits can be obtained. On the one hand enterprises will require customized gifts printed on the product's logo, which will increase the value of the products, and then raise prices, making profits increase single room products. On the other hand, enterprises or units of customized gifts, more general number, ranging from hundreds to more than a million more than the sales increase in the cost of diluted product, will promote the improvement of profits. Because of this reason, a number of more than 30,000 corporate gifts, custom gifts for all business very seriously.
    Groups Advantage
    Customized gifts customer base is mainly companies, institutions, government agencies and so on, and customized gifts is a long-term business, as long as a fixed customer groups, so there is no need to invest corporate gifts and marketing channel construction, saving companies Operating Costs. So, for the groups to compete for custom gifts has always been fierce. Customized gifts clients is a huge pie, who bite first bite, then this piece of the pie is basically who. Despite past "gift golden years", customized gifts contributed its industry profits are also very attractive, but customized gifts for the health and development of the same industry can continue to expose gift of disadvantage, and even many advantages and disadvantages when only There are one step away.
    Customer single disadvantage
    Because the gift industry has long been dominated by customized gifts, personal gifts so weak consumer market expansion. Customized gifts customers are enterprises and government agencies, so 2012 when the central "Eight provision" introduced after public consumption greatly reduced, but also spread to a number of state-owned enterprises and the private business sector, which causes the gift market in 2013 almost year-round weak sales.
    Mediocre quality disadvantage
    Mainly public relations competition each gift customized gifts business in the field of competition, rather than the quality of the product and brand competition. Because the price is not cost customized gifts, so the quality yet it pass, but the price is still far exceed the quality levels. Customized gifts also long neglected emotional excavation for customers, thereby creating a sustainable selling products, many customized gifts enterprises in the product positioning, culture is copying each other.
    Eating capital of disadvantage
    Many gift companies main business is customized gifts, they go through a certain period of development, holding a number of regular customers, there is no need for market channel marketing campaigns or maintenance, rely on these fixed customer orders, companies are extremely moist enough to survive . But this is precisely the Vital many gift companies become bankrupt. Today, many electricity providers have become an important channel to attract new orders, social marketing has begun to rage, to keep up with the new trend of the market, capital will continue to be lost.
How to grasp the advantages of custom, while avoiding the disadvantages of its existence, some companies began to think about and explore, Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. is a touch on the family custom gift for new initiatives, and get one of the successes of the gift business, some of its practices Gifts worth learn from peers.
    Enterprise customization and personal customization go hand in hand: the main gift Shanghai Co., Ltd. is the family touch touch gloves, the company will introduce the concept of customized personal electronic gifts, not only in the enterprise custom touch family gift, and because individuals customized gifts, way is to Design dozens of different series, hundreds of different styles of touch clan gloves and let individuals choose. Thus, personal family touch gloves also have a certain personality, the basic realization of customized personal gifts.
    Line channels and online channels pronged: Shanghai Touch family business has not only established a comprehensive online sales channels, such as Lynx, Jingdong Mall, etc., while the family is constantly improving touch under their own line channels. Construction company sales system through the line Merchants join, as long as the purchase amount to meet the 2000 yuan, you can become a franchisee contact family members.
    Civilian high-end gift and fashion a shoulder double challenge: in a custom gift market, high-end fashion gifts are often expensive, and cheap populist gifts and quality mediocre, nothing new. But you can contact the family reunification The two combine family touch gloves touch gift from the packaging to the work, from the functional to the design, are demanding mechanisms that are both new. Touch to send the family, not only affordable, but also times face.
    Our market has a trillion gifts, custom gifts the face of such a deep ocean and the sky, as long as the unruly conservative, innovation, nature can find sea dragon, the moon can be heaven.