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Mr. Zhu Xiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors led a team to the US for business visits

On September 4th, Mr. Zhu Xiang, the chairman of the company, led a four-person business trip to the United States for a 10-day business trip to the United States, including He Wenting, Wang Xiaowen and Niu Jiazhi.

The inspection time was compact and rich in content. It was not only warmly received by the American partner Rubin family, but also defined the future cooperation direction of the two parties. At the same time, the inspection team also visited customers of many companies and listened carefully to customers. The opinions and suggestions of our products and the full understanding of the relevant developments in the US market have not only enabled our team members to expand their product ideas, but also learned about relevant business opportunities.

Although the schedule was compact, the team members still worked tirelessly to take a break to visit several professional outdoor outdoor stores in Florida and New York. From the actual situation, they learned about local market dynamics and product requirements, and learned advanced design and production techniques. And photographed a large number of product information pictures, providing valuable materials for the company's future product development and design.


Mr. Zhu Xiang, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Jay Rubin, Partner of the United States

Thanks to the American partner Rubin family for their hospitality

Customer: I like this glove very much!


Meeting with customers


Business negotiations seem to be easy, in fact, Yalishan is big. . . . . .


Florida Customer Conference


Introduce the company's products to customers


Take a photo and head to the next city!

Visit and inspect large outdoor stores:





Through this inspection, the company's future development direction has been clarified, and a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the US market has been made. Based on the actual fine-tuning of the company's development strategy, it has laid a solid foundation for better development and development. Ten days of hard work and hard work, the ten days of hard work, only the hard work of knowing, but the harvest is more opportunities for cooperation, let us work together, and work hard to make a brilliant future for Jiachuang!